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Prong Planet Radio

Welcome! You have just entered the radio zone! Here you can listen to all of the wild and crazy songs and such that I have created. These songs go way back to when I only had a couple cassette players to record with. Some may take a kind ear to get the story across over the dull mix. There are some songs I have attempted to redu but they seem to loose the taste they had at the beginning. (you had to be there)

 I plan on doing some live broadcasting as soon as I get all the bugs worked out. This high tech stuff will drive you crazy. So why don't I just record a video live on facebook? Radio is so cool because you can paint a picture of places with sound effects and such that you create a different reality through audio. I can sound like I'm in a herd of horses or in the middle of traffic or in the middle of a bunch of angry bees!!! Just let your imagination run wild and take a break from the hand held reality everyone seems to be caught up with nowadays.

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